Work on projects that are fun (or cool/interesting), don’t think about money.

– Basically KISS (keep it simple stupid) for entrepreneurs.

When I say don’t think about money I mean don’t think about how you’re gonna sell it, for how much, who is getting what % of revenue etc.. things quickly become too serious/businessy/committed far too early and can really strip the organic momentum out of things. It’s a great idea to have legal and important business stuff sorted, but in the early stages these types of unnecessary commitments should be out of sight.

This is something I learned years ago, it’s a simple yet easily ignored concept that can increase your chances of successfully finishing products and having a better time doing so.

The best features, products and outcomes come to life when focusing on building cool shit. It lets you spend more time creating cool stuff and if you are having fun doing it, or creating something others find cool you can worry about money later.

Plus you don’t put unnecessary investments or business stuff ahead of the core product. Usually cool products market themselves or marketing approaches/plans are created along the way.

This is a great way to work on ideas, projects or startups, big or small.

Plus once there’s a bunch of ppl using it or it makes sense to charge money or apply some kind of business model, go for it.






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